In this episode Suits&Sneakers’ founder Anne Miles interviews Rural Sales & Marketing expert St John Craner about the often forgotten and misunderstood rural sector. St John reveals the ever important role of the influencers, how to bridge sales and marketing and what the new generation of sales enablement looks like during a COVID era.

You can connect with St John Craner on LinkedIn here

St John is a long time friend of Suits&Sneakers and you can also check out a podcast hosted by St John interviewing Anne Miles on LinkedIn lead generation strategies here

BIO: St John helps rural companies who are underperforming in sales and marketing and can also help global brands understand the rural customer better. St John teaches and trains teams to perform to a higher level through proven proprietary tools and techniques to create strategic sales systems. His background in both brand and agency side over decades of leadership roles across New Zealand and Australia in both senior business development roles and marketing roles such as Chief Marketing Officer and as agency Account Director give him this unique cross over between sales and marketing helping to close that often forgotten divide between siloes.

Other resources mentioned in this episode:
Beef and Lamb NZ here
Dairy New Zealand here
Beef and Livestock Australia here
Dairy Australia here

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