In this episode Sven Brodmerkel, who is an Assistant Professor for Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications at Bond University, discusses the key findings of his research projects into ageism in advertising. We unpack how we as an industry define creativity and how this contributes to age inequalities, what seems to be the typical ‘use-by date’ of creatives, and we flesh out root causes and how we might overcome age bias in the industry.

Before joining academia, Sven worked as a Creative Strategist and Copywriter in the German advertising industry. It was an industry observation that piqued his interest in investigating the drivers of ageism in advertising agencies, how people feel about it and deal with it, and what might explain the lack of change on this front.  

Sven is currently embarking on a project called ‘Advertising Careers: Experiences. Meaning. Well-Being’. More about this project and opportunities to participate can be found here

Sven’s full research paper on ageism in the Australian advertising industry discussed in this interview is available here

Sven can be contacted via or via LinkedIn and Twitter (@sven_bond).

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